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According to Deadline, CBS' How I Met Your Dad, the spinoff/spiritual successor to its monumental hit How I Met Your Mother has cast its narrator, and the woman tasked with this duty is none other than romantic comedy alum and former America's sweetheart Meg Ryan.

In the same way that Bob Saget voiced the titular Ted Mosby in the original series, Ryan will never actually appear on the show, but be the future voice of the series' leading character Sally (played in the present by Greta Gerwig).

How I Met Your Dad will be similar in theme to How I Met Your Mother, only centered around a female lead, following a group of friends living in New York, played by Gerwig, Drew Tarver, Nick D’Agosto, Andrew Santino and Tiya Sircar. Whether the series will have the same monstrous impact as its predecessor is another question entirely, but the casting of Meg Ryan as the narrator could hopefully signify a step in the right direction.

The pilot's spinoff is garnering strong early buzz according to Deadline, so I hope it can even remotely live up.


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