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This article contains potential SPOILERS.

In this article I'm going to tell you what I think needs to happen to the MCU. First off, Marvel, Fox, and Sony need to start working together, obviously. All the best story arcs demand appearances from characters out of all Marvel franchises (like the Super Hero Civil War and WorldWar Hulk.)


In the next Thor movie Loki will be the main villain again, as we found out in the end credits seen of Thor: the Dark World, but he should be joined by the Enchantress and Executioner. This movie is not the main movie I want to talk about with Thor though. Thor 4 is what I'll focus on. In Thor 4, Loki, Enchantress, and Executioner should be beaten already, and in the end credits of 3 you see a mysterious smoke and fire covered villain take control of Enchantress's mind. Of course, you guessed it the villain for 4 is Surtur the fire demon. And as Surtur escapes his prison and begins to invade the 9 realms Thor leads the charge to stop him. On going to investigate an attack in Midgard Thor, Sif, and some other Asgardians find Beta Ray Bill!

Sooooo epic!!
Sooooo epic!!

You know the story, Bill is the Guardian of his people who are asleep in stasis when his ship is attacked by lesser demons. Bill fights them off but then Thor arrives. Bill mistakes him for another demon and begins a fight. Thor gets Mjolnir knocked out of his hands and Bill picks it up. He can pick it up because his is worthy. Odin finds out Thor left Asgard against his orders and summons the one who carries Mjolnir to Asgard. So, after they sort this out Odin gets to the dwarves to make Bill another hammer to help fight Surtur, whom Thor and Bill of course team up to beat. This could lead to a stand-alone movie for Bill. It would be another space-romp like GotG. (Their could be appearances from Sif and the Guardians, too) . Loki would have to be somehow involved in the movie, maybe even helping Thor.

The next franchise is...

A mean green fighting machine!
A mean green fighting machine!

The Hulk!

In the next hulk movie we need to see Red Hulk and A-bomb! I mean this is possibly the best Hulk story arc ever! I really, really want to see Big Green and Red battle it out!

After that we need Planet Hulk and World-War Hulk, which can only happen if the Illuminati are established. (A reason for the studios to work together.) This story is so epic! Hulk first takes over an alien planet and then comes back to earth and beats up everyone who has any power. Including the F.F. (another reason for the studio team up). Also while he was gone the Super Hero Cvil War happened, but I'll get to that.

Now let's talk about Iron Man

He obviously needs to the fight the real Mandarin. I mean Iron man 3 was a good movie, but I hate that the Mandarin was a fake! He could also join the GotG in his Space suit, but not immediately. In [Iron Man 4](movie:886190), Stark could also temporarily be in charge of the new Shield. This is really all I have to say about this.

Moving on to...

  Good ol' Captain America
Good ol' Captain America

Captain America!

Cap three's plot should revolve around him still trying to help America as superhero, but obviously not working with Shield any more. Hydra should be led by Baron Von Zemo as the main villain have something to do with the end credits seen of Cap 2.

Bad ol' Sockface
Bad ol' Sockface

Cap also starts acting strangely after that movie (you'll see why later). He must also die after that (Civil War), and is temporally replaced by Bucky.

Next up is...

Guardians of the Galaxy

They have to be deeply intwined with Infinity Gems story arc, right? But what I'm gonna talk about is people who should join the team. First is Bug, he deserves to be in a movie considering he's one of the most important team members. Also maybe we could have some people who aren't actually members in the comics like Silver Surfer (FF crossover required) and Beta Ray Bill (I know, I know, I like Bill to much). Plus I already said Iron Man in his space armour. Also we obviously need Adam Warlock, which would bring them into Infinity Gem story.

Now for Dr. Strange!

He needs to help create the super hero Illuminati with Iron Man, Reed Richards, Professor X, and Black Bolt (and maybe Namor or Black Panther). This would once again need studio partnership. Other than that they can go with the comic origin.

And now for the Black Panther

His movie needs to feel a bit like Tarzan. I love how Marvel has made each of their movies feel different: Cap was a spy movie, Cap 2 a political thriller, the Thor movies were epic fantasies, and the Iron Man movies straight up superhero flicks. Panther needs his own feel. Oh, also make Klaw the villain (duh).

And the Avengers!

After [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) they will have 3 new members, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Vision, but their still missing some people. Namely, Ant-man (getting his own movie), Wasp, and Miss Marvel. For Miss Marvel we could introduce the Kree and S.W.O.R.D. . That would help make the MCU more galactic (especially if Miss Marvel got her own movie). Most of the other things I want say about the Avengers I'll talk about when I discuss The Civil War and Fear Itself.

Th Inhumans deserve a movie. It is also needed. It will introduce Black Bolt (for the Illuminati) and Medusa (for the Frightful Four, more on that later).

Another superhero who deserves a movie is Namor (also for the Illuminati). His movie would be another epic like Thor's. They could also beat DC to the underwater king superhero flick.

Also, Marvel, please make an Alpha Flight movie! I love them!

Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Punisher,and Blade need their reboots, ASAP.

Now lets talk about the movies Marvel studios can't make.

Let's start with Spiderman

In the [The Amazing Spider-Man 3](movie:671279) or the Sinister Six movie we need to somehow introduce Sandman. I know that after Spiderman 3 the producers are worried about another mess like that, but it still needs to happen ( you'll see why). Also should probably let him in on Avengers 3.

Now Fox's turn.

Fantastic Four

We know that the first movie in the reboot series is going to be their origin. We need Galactus and Silver Surfer done right, and in the third movie we should have a the Frightful Four. The frightful Four should consist of the Wizard, Sandman (same one as above), Medusa (Inhumans movie), and Klaw (Black Panther). This move bring the Ff into the MCU. Plus Mr. Fantastic must join the Illuminati.

And last but not least: Xmen

This is the hardest task of all to bring to the MCU because they both have their own Quicksilver. I think that the X men movies that happen in an alternate universe. So Fox should make 1or 2 movies in the MCU with very, very similar characters to that of the other universe (same actors). And Fox, do the Deadpool movie right, he is the Merc with a Mouth, not without one. Also. don't let Chris Evans play Deadpool, he is already Captain America. Give Wolverine his classic suit, why haven't you already, Fox?

Now that I've mentioned all the separate franchises, I'll briefly talk about the big Marvel events that need to be done.

Let's talk about the Infinity Gems first. We need to have as many superheroes as possible be involved. This will be the first big event that encompasses the entire MCU. We need more than just the Avengers and Guardians too. Spiderman for one was a major part of the story.

The Cival works much the same way, it involves nearly everyone. I want this to happen for several reasons, like Iron Spidey.

Cap also needs to die. This will help lead to the next event...

Ha ha! Howard the Duck in the lower left corner!
Ha ha! Howard the Duck in the lower left corner!

The Secret Invasion! This is why Cap must die. Because he didn't, it was a Skrull. This arc could have a movie in every franchise, from FF to Avengers.

The last event to talk about is Fear Itself.

Fear them!!! 
Fear them!!! 

This is another great team up story and the best way to finish up the Thor movies.

This article was just my personal opinion. Do you agree or disagree? Tell me about it in the comments.


Which idea do you think was the best?


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