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Wondering what Gal Gadot will look like as Wonder Woman? So was artist Jeff Chapman. Fortunately, Chapman is an accomplished manipulator of photographs and images, and so his response was to create this really quite impressive poster for the eagerly anticipated Wonder Woman movie.

You can check out more of Chapman's art here.

Aside from being a really striking image, the poster actually makes Gadot seem like a very credible princess of Themyscira - which is nice to see. There has been a lot of talk that Wonder Woman's costume won't actually end up being all that much like the classic look pictured above - but we can always hope that good uses of it like this can change producers' minds.

Plus, Marvel have made millions off of dressing Chris Evans more or less like the original Captain America, so it's hard to see how putting Gadot - a military trained model who does all her own stunts - into an outfit like that above could go all that wrong.

What do you guys think? Should Wonder Woman keep her classic costume, or would a change be for the best? Let me know below!


Should Wonder Woman keep her classic costume in the upcoming movie?



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