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The staggeringly handsome Ian Somerhalder could be in competition with a younger rival to nab the starring role in the movie adaptation of Hush, Hush.

Entertainment Wise is reporting that [Divergent](movie:593270)'s Theo James and [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853)' Ian Somerhalder are both being considered for the role of Patch, the fallen angel. But, it looks like they might be missing out on some minor complications...

For the book shy among us, [Hush, Hush](movie:777532) will be adapted from a four part novel series by Rebecca Fitzpatrick. The story follows Nora Grey, a young woman who catches Patch's eye. She is entranced by the mysterious stranger and it is later revealed that he is fallen angel desperate to be human again.

Whereas this might sound like a perfect role for Somerhalder's otherworldly blue eyed beauty, Patch also happens to be 16-years-old... 35-year-old Somerhalder might look like he has been chugging furiously on the fountain of eternal youth, but I don't think even he could pull this one off!

The author of the book series, Fitzpatrick doesn't have any favourites for the leading roles just yet though... She explained that she was worried about finding the perfect stars to fill her beloved character's shoes by saying;

That’s always the hardest part to nail in any movie — making sure you get the right actors and that they’re portraying the characters well

As much as I love Somerhalder, and would love to see him in a Hollywood blockbuster, this one is clearly a non starter! The actor would look like a pervy uncle if he was cast in a high school environment, and for once that killer smirk would not do him any justice!

Even the more youthful James would look supremely ridiculous.

I think it's time for these two to move over and let a younger actor cut their teeth on this much anticipated role.

Which young actor do you think would make a great Patch?


Who would you like to see as the otherworldly Patch?

(Source: Entertainment Wise)

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