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Say what you like about The Simpsons and how it's evolved over the years, but it has never stopped pushing the limits of what it can do. From experimenting with 3D in the early 90's to taking the celebrity cameo to a whole other level of sophistication with Michael Jackson, George Harrison and Sonic Youth, it was always the show that had something new up its sleeve.

And now, that something is a brand just as yellow as the Simpson clan.

LEGO will invade Springfield come May 4, to celebrate both the show's 550th episode and the recent release of a range of Simpsons themed LEGO.

Wondering what that'll look like, and whether or not it'll be terrifying?

Wonder no more:

So. Pretty cool - and also pretty terrifying. That being said, the episode is going to be worth it just for the Radioactive Fig and Block Runner Easter eggs in the background of the second image from the top.

Also, The LEGO Movie was awesome, and The Simpsons was once the best thing on television. Could the two come together to create something truly fantastic?

What do you guys think? Will The Simpsons and LEGO be a match made in (yellow) heaven? Let me know below!


Will The Simpsons and LEGO work well together?



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