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The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, has revealed his favorite element of the zompocalypse drama - and it'll come as no surprise to learn that millions of fans probably feel the same.

Speaking to the Writer’s Room on Sundance TV, Kirkman said:

Daryl Dixon is my favorite element of the television show. And when we saw Norman Reedus, all of the producers kind of got together, and we were like, ‘We love this guy. We’ve got to get him in the show somehow.’ And so suddenly, Merle had a brother named Daryl.

Daryl Dixon is a massive fan favorite on the show - his popularity even spawning the slogan "If Daryl Dies We Riot" - and it seems that Norman Reedus is equally concerned about whether the crossbow-wielding king of cool will one day bite the dust. Said Kirkman:

He’s always very nervous about that every time he sees me. ‘So, how am I doing in Season 5? Am I doing ok?

I think Daryl Dixon will be around for a while to come, but as showrunner, Scott M. Gimple, recently admitted, nobody is really safe on the show.

The big question is, if Daryl was killed off would you stop watching? Let me know below the line.


If Daryl dies what would you do?

(Source Sundance TV)


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