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Fans of Black Ops and extraordinary renditions rejoice: Zero Dark Thirty star Jessica Chastain has reportedly been offered a starring role in Mission Impossible 5.

The film is still a little way away from entering production, and is yet to acquire a full name, but already has a writer - Iron Man 3 scribe Drew Pearce - and a Tom Cruise approved director - Jack Reacher's Christopher McQuarrie onboard. Casting-wise, Simon Pegg has suggested that he is ready to get back in the impossible mission game, and Cruise is obviously due to return for another installment of the spy actioner - but the potential addition of Chastain suggests that the film is very much on its way.

She would also be an excellent addition to a series that has rarely lacked for star power, but often been trumped in the reputation-heavy supporting cast department by the likes of The Bourne Identity and its sequels. Having as accomplished and widely award-nominated an actress in the film would certainly add an extra dimension to the movie.

Plus, Zero Dark Thirty is basically a mumblecore version of the Mission Impossible films, so Chastain would already pretty much know the ropes.

What do you guys think? Would Chastain be a good addition to the series, or would you rather see a Cruise/Pegg buddy spy movie? Let me know below!


Would Jessica Chastain be a good addition to the Mission Impossible series?



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