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Frozen has been an runaway success of a movie. Despite not a great deal being expected of it, it now stands at 6th on the all-time worldwide box office chart! So it wouldn't be a surprise if Disney were eager to go ahead with a sequel.

However, with Frozen rushing out a second film may be more difficult than it might appear due to such a great deal of the success of the movie being down to its catchy and original songs. So what can Disney do?

Their solution? Bring the movie to Broadway, where it can enjoy a long run and fans can hear the songs they enjoyed so much sung live! This seems something of a formula for Disney, who have favored musicals over sequels for other high-profile movies such as The Lion King.

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You can even see some of the choreography for the movie - which will presumably make its way onto the stage - in this The Making Of clip from Frozen!

So what do you think? Would a Frozen musical be something you'd like to see?

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Would you like to see a Frozen Broadway musical?


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