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The green band trailer for Sex Tape has finally dropped, and it looks like a lusty, laugh-a-minute romp through the perils of modern technology. It also contains more than it's fair share of eye candy to satisfy your sauce cravings!

Cameron Diaz in panties on roller skates and Jason Segal looking surprisingly buff are an absolute feast for the eyes. Throw in a hilarious script and a cringeworthy critique of modern technology for good measure, and you have a guaranteed feel good summer blockbuster!

Check it our for yourself below;

It might be a gleefully silly romp instead of a more traditional sex tape, but this movie certainly seems to have what it takes to raise a few eyebrows along with the laughs!

Have any of you guys ever had any embarrassing leaks of naughty material?

Feast your eyes on the risqué [Sex Tape](movie:381860) on 25th July 2014


Have you ever fallen foul of the mysterious 'Cloud'?

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