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Last time we checked in with The Vampire Diaries Elena (Nina Dobrev) was having uncontrollable sex fantasies about Stefan (Paul Wesley), despite the fact that she had only just broken up with his brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

Well now it seems like they might all have bigger things to worry about.

With only three episodes remaining until the season finale, things are getting pretty out of control in Mystic Falls.

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In this week's episode "Man on Fire" Enzo has turned up, intent on killing Stefan, who he believes killed his girl - and it is down to Damon to save him.

And given that Elena seems to be drifting toward Stefan, you might not blame Damon if he sat this one out!

Check out The Vampire Diaries' trailer here to see what decision Damon makes:

Damon comes in at the end - but is he there to save Stefan, to confess to the killing himself, or do you think there is another twist in store?

Write in with your thoughts below the line.

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Do you think Damon will save Stefan?


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