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Now I can't imagine the name Steve Coogan will mean a lot of American audiences. So what about the name Alan Partridge? Oh, that doesn't mean anything to you either... Right, well, let me tell you that back in Great Britain, both Coogan and his old pal Rob Brydon are sort of big deals. Not like massive deals. But their basically at Tina Fey/Amy Poehler levels of fame and respect.

You might know Coogan for writing and staring in the recent Oscar nominated drama, Philomena, while fans of comedy should know him for his comedy creation, the Norfolk-based radio DJ and firearm advocate, Alan Partridge. However, Coogan and Brydon also developed an international following by playing versions of themselves in their 2010 comedy, The Trip - a semi-improvised bro-mantic roadtrip featuring fine cuisine, celebrity impersonations and a rather moving storyline. Now their returning, but this time their cruising around Italy in, you guessed it, [The Trip to Italy](movie:364144). We've already seen a few clips but today we've got a new trailer, and yes, it features a Michael Caine impersonation. Check it out below:

The film comes courtesy of veteran filmmaker Michael Winterbottom and seems to recreate the winning formula of the original - although perhaps it's simply flogging a dead horse?

In any case it's currently showing on British television and IFC will be splicing together a theatrical cut later in the year.

What do you think? Have you even heard of these guys?


Have you heard of The Trip?


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