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Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's Sin City sequel has been almost ten years in the making, but we will finally get to see their Dame to Kill For later this year. We got a minute and a half worth of trailer last month; and now we've got a slimmed down minute long version today! Hurrah!

Hang on, what?

Quiet you, watch below.

Quite incredibly, Rodriguez and Miller have managed to keep the aesthetic intact while rounding up some welcome new faces too. The original did decent business with cinemas and critics alike but there is a lingering sense that with all the pretenders that followed- we're looking at you The Spirit- we might have already lost our appetite for this sort of thing.

We'll wait and see. The casting looks impeccable and the book, at least, was terrific.

Are you guys pumped for this one? Let us know below.

Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For hits theatres August 22nd



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