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Jerome Maida

John Fiore, probably best known for his recurring role as Detective Tony Profaci on the long-running NBC crime drama "Law & Order", has been cast in the crim thriller "Blue Suede".

Set in the seedy underworld of Boston, "Blue Suede" revolves around a bloody turf war between the Italian mob and the Chinese Triads. Although it is unclear who will win the war, the loser is already determined: the law-abiding citizens of Boston. In the midst of all the bloodshed, FBI agents attempt to stop the violence.

"John Fiore has been cast in the role of Bobby", says "Blue Suede writer/director J.R. Hepburn. "We are truly grateful to have John on board. The level of talent he will bring to the role of Bobby will resonate to fans of authentic Italian mob films."

"Welcome to Team Blue John FIore!:, Hepburn exclaimed.

Fiore's other notable television credits include "NYPD Blue" and "The Sopranos" In 2005, Fiore produced and starred in "Johnny Slade's Greatest Hits", which told the story of a struggling lounge singer who works for a Mafia boss (Vincent Curatola) and is forced to sing secret messages to other mobsters through his act. The film also starred former Sopranos alumni Vincent Pastore, Joseph Gannascoli, and Steve Schirripa.

Fiore appeared in the Showtime series "Brotherhood", in which he played "Alphonse Nozzoli" from 2006-2008. In 2011, he appeared in "Body of Proof", in the episode "Dead Man Walking".

"Blue Suede" is scheduled to hit theaters in 2015.


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