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I am a huge Batman fan and unlike many others fans out there, I haven't lost hope for this movie yet. Many people are unhappy with the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman or Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor but one thing everybody is forgetting is we haven't actually seen a single thing for the film yet. Sure it doesn't look great in theory but I say give it a chance. If the trailer looks poor, then by all means, lash out on the film, but until til I say give it a chance.

One thing to look forward to is; what costume will the Dark Knight helm? I've decided to compile a list on popular costumes for the caped crusader and let you pick what one you'd like to see. Lets start the list:

1. Batman Incorporated

I think this suit is a very big possibility. Not so much the modern look seen on Christian Bale (right) but still some elements, such as the yellow bat-symbol and shoulder covering cape. I like this one, it has a comic feel which the new suit is apparently going to focus on.

2. Arkham Batman

This is one of my favorite designs. The Arkham franchise has stuck with this cool, comic-like feel for quite some time and why change a winning formula. I feel this costume would really suit the world Man of Steel set in terms of atmosphere and general tone. They may not use this exact costume but I'm certain they will take aspects from it.

3. Classic Blue Batsuit

I think this suit is the biggest possibility. I have a gut feeling that this is going to be the one. The classic blue and grey tonesm long cape and of course, yellow utility belt. I would love this one and I'm sure the fans would too. It Ben Affleck buff enough to fill the suit though?

4. Batman Beyond

This costume is extremely unlikely, but I just said I would include it as it is one of Batman's coolest suits. This Batman would in no way relate to the story of Man of Steel but how cool would it be to see this costume done live-action?

5. Injustice Batman

This brute, padded and modern looking suit can be found in the DC video game, Injustice. Personally, I'm not a fan of this one as it just looks over-done. It has elements from all the other costumes but not in the way I would like. It has similarities to the Christopher Nolan Batman. What do you think?

Comment which ones that aren't there that you would like or answer the poll below.


Which suit would you like?


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