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Reid Jones

Jon Turteltaub, director of National Treasure, was recently announced to have taken on the director status for Disney's adaptation of their famous theme park ride: It's A Small World.

Though my initial reaction is that if the song doesn't kill me first, the movie will, but I think knowing that the director of an amazing movie like National Treasure will be behind the film, I think I can safely say the film can't be completely awful.

My hopes have always been that the park ride would first be adapted as a Horror Movie-esque vibe with a film adaptation of the young adult novel series The Kingdom Keepers in which the dolls come to life and attack a bunch of kids in the middle of the night while searching the park for clues.However, perhaps I will learn to love the idea of this film too.

What kind of film do YOU think It's A Small World should end up being?


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