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I have to admit, I never really saw Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor. I was more of an advocate for Mark Strong or Joaquin Phoenix. However, I was very excited at the announcement of Jesse Eisenberg as the character. Jesse seems like he'll fit the role very well. I didn't see Cranston fitting the role. Though, I do think Cranston is an amazing actor, and I think that he could be pretty cool in the DC Cinematic Universe. Who would he play? Well, here's five roles that Bryan Cranston could nail in the DCCU.

Hugo Strange

If I was going to think of a role Bryan Cranston could do based on his appearance in Breaking Bad, I would've never thought Lex Luthor. However, Heisenberg does remind me of one of my favorite Batman villains, Hugo Strange. Strange is an awesome Batman villain. He is one of the few who deduced Batman's identity, he's proven to have pretty good fighting skills, and is sometimes involved with Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins. Cranston would rock as Hugo Strange in a Batman movie, possibly in a movie set in Arkham Asylum.

Commissioner James Gordon

Cranston's appearance as Walter White (pre-shaving head) also looks really close to Commissioner Gordon. Considering that we're dealing with an older Batman, I think we'll also need an older Commissioner. Cranston is a good decade and seven years older than Ben Affleck, so the age comparison matches up. Also, Cranston would especially fit as the Commissioner because he's actually played him before. Cranston voiced the character in the animated feature Batman: Year One.


Now that we're leaving behind the 2010 Green Lantern movie, I think it's time we get a new Sinestro. In my opinion Cranston could definitely nail Sinestro in a Green Lantern reboot or maybe even in the Justice League movie. We're yet to see Sinestro's villainous persona on the big screen, so what if he decided to lead his new Lantern Corps against the most powerful team on the planet?

Red Tornado

One thing I really want from the DC Cinematic Universe is the introduction of obscure characters to the big screen. One of my favorite obscure DC characters is definitely Red Tornado. I would really love to see this character in a movie, and Cranston playing the character would probably get a lot of people to want to see the movie. Red Tornado is an eventual member of the Justice League, as well as one of the mentors of Young Justice. It would be really interesting to have this character introduced into the Justice League and possibly be in a Young Justice movie. Cranston could probably nail the mentor role in a Young Justice movie.

The Joker

Let's be completely honest, we're going to eventually see a new Joker in the DCCU. Heath Ledger's performance was groundbreaking, but roles need to eventually be passed on. And what better than an actor of this caliber to play the most notorious supervillain of all time! Cranston has the acting talent to really nail the insanity that is The Joker. We could possibly return to a more comic-like version of the Joker, where we get a completely crazy guy who kills people with jokes. If there's an iconic role higher than Lex Luthor that Cranston can do, it's The Joker. Then again, there's always Willem Dafoe...

Those are five DC roles that Bryan Cranston could be amazing in. I really want DC to get Bryan Cranston in their movies, he's an amazing actor and would really bring in a lot of audiences. So who would you want Bryan Cranston to play in the DCCU? Tell me in the comments and the poll.


Who do you want Bryan Cranston to play?


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