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Original is what best describes this film. A simple idea (which I've never seen done before) done extremely well. I wasn't sure what to expect exactly, but once I started it up, the games had begun.


Craig (played by Pat Healy) is a struggling family man with an apartment, wife and a baby. Just like anybody, he has his share of bills, and stress, which have pushed him to try his best to keep everything afloat. One day as he's heading out for work, he finds an eviction notice on their door, with a bill of a pretty decent sum of money due. Craigs day doesn't get any better either, with getting fired from his low paying job as well. Thrust into deep depression, he heads to the local bar instead of facing his family at home. While at the bar, he runs into an old friend Vince from high school (played by Ethan Embry). As they share some memories, and some laughs, Craig and Vince meet a couple at the far end of the bar. Colin (Played by David Koechner), and Violet (Played by Sara Paxton) invite Craig and Vince to their table, and to a night of Mischief that turns into shear horror. Colin and Violet are an extremely wealthy couple, and offer Craig and Vince an astonishingly amount of money to pretty much do anything they ask.

This film to me, was very original, and has a lot of twists and turns. It feels as though a certain direction or "Dare" can be thought of, and then turned away for something even bigger, and more twisted. Seeing Pat Healy, and Sara Paxton Reunite from their stint in "The Innkeepers" (a great ghost story!) was interesting as well, but gave me some confidence in the film. There was a right mix of comedy as well with this surprisingly, which definitely made it more balanced. As the night progresses though, the "Dares" get more and more twisted, and the laughs start to turn deadly.

In Conclusion

Well balanced, and an original idea that felt fun to watch!. Definitely recommend to horror fans, as something new and fresh to the genre!



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