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In recent interview with Empire Magazine,Kevin Feige revealed that they finally have someone to play Thanos, even though mere weeks ago Feige had revealed there was still nobody behind the part yet.

"There is an actor. I'm not sure we want to announce it yet."

Who could it be? Considering filming is finished and minor reshoots took place a few weeks ago, it seems that this mystery actor will likely be taking on a voice-only role similar to Groot's Vin Diesel and Rocket Raccoon's Bradley Cooper.

He was also asked about the current buzz over the double-dated superhero blockbuster dilemma over Captain America 3 and Batman vs. Superman's currently shared release date.

"Well, I'm glad people think that way. We had the flag there first. What other people do and where has always been less of our concern. It's about keeping our head down and doing what we would believe would be cool for an audience to see."

Marvel has currently taken the most definite approach to the release date so far, declaring thy will not be considering changing the film date, while Warner Brothers has subtly said they aren't considering backing down from the date "at this time". Luckily, the interview didn't focus on the multi-studio drama for too long. Feige's hopes for Guardians of the Galaxy are still as hopeful as ever!

"Guardians will feel and seem the most separate. But in a summer where people are going to see a lot of sequels, some of which are ours, and a lot of reboots and familiar faces, we were excited about the idea of bringing something new and totall unexpected to the screen."

Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters this summer on August 1st, 2014.

Source: ComicBookMovie


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