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Joe Kershaw

After seeing the new installment in The Amazing Spider-Man series, I felt slightly confused. I understood the what first seemed like a post-credit scene with Rhino and Sinister Six as it was completely related to the movies coming up, however after sitting through the credits awaiting some other surprise I was essentially given yet another trailer for Days Of Future Past!

I'm a big fan of the X-Men series, don't get me wrong, but after seeing the trailer before the movie AND during the credits I felt like there was something to change there. Personally, if I were Webb, I would have saved the scene with Rhino for the credits, it would have left me with that post-Marvel grin we all know so well as I walked out of the cinema...Instead it was more of a confused face.

Never the less I loved the images that were behind the credits as they were rolling, especially the smoking mask, I've been wondering for a while how they would portray Mysterio without the smoke-filled fish bowl from the cartoons, and it certainly looks like they've got a good idea in the pipeline!


Did you like the choice of post-credit scene?


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