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With the recent Amazing Spider-man release, Marvel are at the top of the super-food chain at the moment, but also creeping up on the top of the box office if DC don't watch out.

Granted, DC have got the world hyped for Batman vs Superman (set to release in 2015) but they're falling behind in the mean-time with Marvel having so many set to release within the next year! Just a glimpse at this years Marvel movies is enough to make any super-fan sweat; in a few months we have Guardians Of The Galaxy, followed by Days of Future Past and Avengers 2 (which coincidentally is releasing around the same time as Man Of Steel 2).

Surely between each big bad-ass blockbuster DC can afford to throw in a cheeky smaller movie like Nightwing or Flash, that seems to be what Marvel are doing and they're blowing our minds at the same time! All the fantastic effects and actors in things such as Guardians Of The Galaxy (one of Marvels smaller movies) seem to keep the audience pleased whilst they work on their next master piece!

Come on DC, pick your Batarangs up and make some history!


Do you think DC need to catch up?


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