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Alright, as Season 3 of Arrow comes to a close (In an amazingly surprising way) I would like to talk about what I want to see in Season 3.



First of all, Roy Harper has not really been fleshed out that much as a character. The first time i have actually noticed some "reasoning behind his over the top roid anger was in this week's episode. You actually see what goes through his mind briefly, it appears that Roy has the same illusions that Slade Wilson has, only instead of seeing shadow, Roy see's people whom he believes have hurt him, physically or emotionally. He sees Thea telling him to kill her and to punish her for hurting him. I really like Roy Harper and I want him to grow as a character and be an important useful member of the group as Arsenal or Red Arrow.


This is something I am dying to see! How cool would it be to see The League of Assassins? It would be cool to see the League of Assassins come after Merlyn and since Sarah has already managed to get the League to leave her alone, he runs to her after finding out she was a former member, in hopes that she help him lose them, in exchange he could tell Oliver the secret about his long lost child which he most likely found out about through Moira! Then this would lead to Sarah being back on the League's map and the team is forced to team up with Merlyn. Hopefully by this point Roy will have controlled his anger issues and by the mid season finally he dawns the Arsenal persona and engages in the final bout at the end of the season!


At the end of the 20th episode of the 2nd season, Sarah tells Oliver that she does not have the light that Oliver does and that she wanted to kill Roy. Then she tells him she must leave to see an old friend. Now, many speculate that the old friend may be the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul,(her former lover) but what if in reality the friend she goes to see is DC's very own Wilcat! In the comics Wildcat worked along side the original Black Canary in the JSA and later trains her daughter Laural Lance and she becomes the new Black Canary. I know Sarah was already trained by the League, but then she ran away. What if she met Ted Grant, a former Heavy Weight Boxer, who got into trouble with the mafia (perhaps the Bertinelli family? Although you would think they would have mentioned it during the Birds of Prey Episode) Then they become friends after he sees "The light" in Sarah and begins to train with her as her sparring partner, while at the same time he becomes a sort of father figure to her. So, back to the friend, what if WildCat is the "Old Friend" Sarah goes back to see since he was the only one who saw the good in her after she first left the League? This could later be developed further. Let's say Sarah dies at some point in season 3 or even at the end of season 2, and she asks him to watch over Laurel. After her death Laurel could ask Wildcat to train her and to to honor her sister's memory, she could take up the mantel as the new Black Canary and finally bring the comic book couple together. This could also help Ted Grant launch himself to become the WildCat to help Laurel as she starts her crime fighting career... Or it could just have been his ring name. Or maybe when WildCat and Canary first became friends, Wildcat had already begun his vigilantism as Wildcat and gives Canary her "Canary Cry Gadget" and her name.


What do you want to see most in Arrow: season 3?


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