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Joe Kershaw

After recently learning of the plans to release a new Flash movie in a few years, i have a few questions...

First of all, the big one, who's gonna portray Barry? I wonder whether they will use Grant Gustin as the TV series creators have strangely chosen, although I don't see why we need a Glee star to be the Scarlet Speedster when there are much more suitable choices out there like Chris Pine or Armie Hammer...

I've never actually been a big fan of Flash, but never the less I'm a huge Arrow fan and I'm willing to give the CW show a go as they've never let me down in the past, I just hope that DC can do the same and make the right decision!

Finally, what would the plot be for the upcoming Flash movie? I would personally like to see Captain Cold as there is a lot of potential there to make some great battles and adventures for the Human Whirl Wind.


Who would you have play Flash?


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