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Kyle Watkins

It recently became known that Thanos has been cast in Guardians of the Galaxy, they have cast an actor but as of right now, we have no information on what the cast is but this is what Kevin Feigi had to say.

"There is an actor. Iā€™m not sure we want to announce it yet," Feige said.

With Feigi being very secretive, can this be a big name?

Vin Diesel was, for awhile, speculated to be playing Thanos. Since he is only playing Groot and Groot only says 3 words, "I am Groot," do you think he could be playing Thanos as well? Just a thought.

Since there's not much knowledge about Guardians of the Galaxy, do you think he could be one who is behind the scenes, not much do but still in control like he was in the Avengers? Here's the Avengers clip.


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