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Sean Nicolas Urbanek

What would be great, would be a Hooky movie.

In the middle of winter Spider-man meets a girl that he thinks is twelve who saves his camera. She knows his identity right away but promises not to blow his cover. He does some research on who she is and trying to understand how she knows his identity. He comes up with nothing and meets her again. Marandi Sjorokker is her name and she's a lot older than she looks because she had a spell put on her by her wizard father 200 plus years ago. She knows her magic being the daughter of a wizard. She moves between doors to escape her reality and introduces one to spider-man because she needs his help desperately. She has a living ship called, "Nonesuch." Her fathers nemesis, "Elmak" put a curse on the wizards daughter called, "Tordenkakerlakk." It starts out like a cockroach but every time it is defeated it generates...evolves into a new stronger and bigger creature. It even at one point becomes a dragon. The last stage of the creature it becomes is the vicious creature in the picture above.

I think the story could use some tweaking and modification in some areas but I see some real potential here. The story between wizards and tragedy weighed down through the bloodline in a universe called, "Cloudsea." It really is a sci-fi wonderland where the amazing spider-man can break free from the normal day crime-fighting boundaries of the city life.

Let me know your thoughts and thanks for reading.


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