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I posted an article earlier this morning about the top 10 DC characters that deserve their own movie, Joker was on that list. I would love to see a Joker trilogy, it could start with introducing his character(whether it be Jack Napier or a new name), show him falling into the WhatsImaCallit and becoming the Joker. Now obviously Batman has to be in the movie, Batman is a big part of The Joker's origin, but I only want to see Batman, I don't want to see Bruce, or very little of him. I also want to see a combination Joker if possible, what I mean by that is, I want the comical Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill voice, and Heath Ledger's psychoticness. I think all 3 of them were fantastic Joker's but it always can be stepped up a notch.

So starting out his origin, he becoming known as the Clown Prince of Crime, he doing all his Joker things. Batman gets in the way, Gordon gets in the way, gets in the way of himself. By the end of the 1st movie, he is put in Arkham Asylum, and everyone knows who he meets there. It ends with him meeting Harleen and getting to know her but only like a 5 minute scene to make people want to see the 2nd movie.

The 2nd movie starts off with him and Harleen getting to know each other more, 30 minutes in, they're on the street causing chaos and doing whatever they do. Batman and Gordon obviously return. By the end of the 2nd movie, they have established a foot hold.

The 3rd movie starts out with some robberies, killings, all the Joker fun. We have The Death of The Joker story in this one where, you guessed it, Joker dies. By the end of this movie, he dies and I spoiled it all but who cares, not like it will ever be made so yea, I win.

You need watch this video of Mark Hamill talking about Heath Ledgers Joker and doing some lines and Heath Ledger's "Why so Serious?"

So what do you think? I don't really know who could play Joker or Harley at this moment but I hope to soon.


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