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Erick Gauthier

A lot of us are awaiting the Men of Steel sequel. Some are ok with the casting, some not. But now, out of nowhere, another name has been dropped that will have a part in the Epic movie : Ray Fisher.

Yep... As stated and explained at Variety :

After testing actors over the past couple of weeks, Warner Bros. and DC have tapped theater actor Ray Fisher for the role of Cyborg in the untitled Batman-Superman pic.

I am starting to think that DC is feeling a lot of pressure from Marvel and building their Justice League universe a bit fast.. We already have Batman and Superman "colliding", then they announce Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor, now him. Just a second now.. I don't mind him, and really, I think he could play him well but they are trying to squeeze too much in a movie that already has too high anticipation.

Sure, in the Variety article, they say he won't have a major role, but with all casting rumors and confirmations here and there for this movie, does it start to annoy you and make you less eager to go see it ? Or does it pump ur adrenaline even higher to be first to get a ticket ?

It was rumored already that he would make appearance, but what do you think ? Do you think DC got scared and secured him a role to compete best possible with Captain America 3 on May 6 2016 ? Or do you just think it's a smart move and totally the way to go ?


Even in a minor role, will Cyborg make Batman v Superman feel "too crowded" ?


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