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A year ago, I would've told you video game-to-film adaptations were a lost cause. Super Mario Bros., Doom, Prince of Persia, Alone in the Dark, Max Payne, Street Fighter, Double Dragon, Hitman, Dungeon Siege, they all... just... suck.

Note: Granted, Mortal Kombat was at least fun, if not good.

That was, until this guy came along:

The chosen one...
The chosen one...

I've always said, if you want to know how a film is going to turn out your best shot is to see who is writing the screenplay, and who is in the director's chair. Enter: Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie, and one of the most promising up-and-coming directors in Hollywood today. If that name isn't ringing a bell, go watch Moon and Source Code, right now. See you in three hours...

Well? Get to it!

I'm not a die-hard Warcraft fan, but I love the tongue-in-cheek vibe and surprisingly deep, fleshed-out and immersive world of Azeroth. If any film has a fair shot at breaking the video game adaptation curse, it's Warcraft with Duncan Jones at the helm.

And now, to sate your thirst for Warcraft content, we have the very first set photos! I'm getting shades of Peter Jackson shooting The Lord of the Rings from that scene of Jones in the director's chair. Here's hoping!

They've taken the gnomes to Northrend!
They've taken the gnomes to Northrend!

Is this Stormwind? I can make out a large stone hall with ornate flooring, human peasants, an Alliance banner in the background, and a human guard that is surprisingly similar to human soldiers from the games! I have to say, as far as first looks go this one is pleasantly reassuring.

Find Sarah and make her talk!
Find Sarah and make her talk!

What do you think of these first set photos? Is Warcraft the next big fantasy film franchise? Are we finally getting a proper video game adaptation? Horde or Alliance?! Where are my gnomes!?! Let me know in the comments below!

Warcraft releases in the US, March 11, 2016.


Will Warcraft break the video game curse?


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