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Matt Carter

A new trailer for TNT's post-apocalyptic action/drama The Last Ship has exploded online and it's as big and brash as you'd expect from something with Michael Bay's name attached to it.

The premise is simple: After 80% of the world's population is wiped out by a pandemic, the crew of a U.S. Navy vessel sail the globe in search of a cure to save humanity. AND THEN LOTS OF THINGS EXPLODE LOUDLY!!!!

Check it out below:

So what do we make of all that then?

I thought the first 30-odd seconds were really well crafted and unsettling as the horror of a global pandemic played out. And then a U.S. Navy vessel turned up and things got loud, shooty and very generic. It almost lost me completely with it's bland-faced actors and standard 'Murica saves the world dialogue. And then Adam Baldwin (Jayne from Firelfy!) turns up and I'm totally on board again.

Boy, all this changing of opinion is exhausting.

[The Last Ship](series:948990) premieres June 22nd on TNT.

Will you be boarding The Last Ship? Say lots of things in the comments below.


The Last Ship looked...


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