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The Vampire Diaries season finale, titles "Home" is nearly upon us, and it looks like things in Mystic Falls will never be the same.

In anticipation of the finale, the CW have released some stills which hint at the trauma and chaos we can expect.

And the photos aren't all - the synopsis of the final episode is also pretty revealing.

The last episode looks like it will see Damon trying to recover from what they describe as an "unexpected tragedy" as well as working as hard as he can to prevent the disintegration of The Other Side.

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Elena is also described as "taking matters into her own hands", and the episode will end up in a giant explosion that leads to "confusion... heroism, sacrifice, relief and despair."

With this season of The Vampire Diaries about to end, this might be a good time to reflect on all we have seen. It has been a busy year: we've met the Travellers, seen Elena infected with a virus, met Doppelgangers and seen Damon and Elena break up - but is this show now getting out of hand?

Are all the new characters and story lines adding to the story, or just complicating things?

Write in with your thoughts below.

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