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Jessabelle now has a full trailer!

Jessabelle is the story of a young girl whose boyfriend is killed in a horrific car accident. When she goes to her father's dilapidated home in Louisiana to recover, she finds a videotape left by her dead mother.

Jessabelle watches the tape - but little does she know what she is in for. Her mother seems to have been possessed by some spirit, and by watching the tape, Jessabelle brings the spirit onto herself.

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This trailer follows the Instagram tease that was released only days ago - and it contains much more thrilling elements. The bath scene at the end (of which there is an image below) is one particularly creepy moment.

Take a look at the full trailer here:

And the freaky image of the bathtub scene?

Jessabelle comes from Lionsgate, producers of such horror classics as Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Sinister and The Purge.

But will Jessabelle be a horror classic? Write in with your thoughts below the line.

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Jessabelle looks....


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