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So, that was the week that was. The regular network season is winding down, and you know what that means - the marvelous time that is the summer season is almost upon us.

Sun, sea, sand and...HBO, the summer is a glorious time, filled with vampires, prisons, pirates and aliens. And new this year, a post-apocalyptic naval drama. From Michael Bay.

And best of all - we've got trailers for every last one of them. Right here. Right now. Just. Below.

First up:

True Blood's final season looks...bloody.

True Blood is back - and things aren't looking so good for our heroes. Things down south are getting hotter than usual - and not in a topless Joe Manganiello sort of way.

Not that we're writing that off as a possibility.
Not that we're writing that off as a possibility.

Churches are getting burned down. People are stabbing one another. The vampires are running amok.

Just like the last season of Frasier.
Just like the last season of Frasier.

You can check it out just below:

It's all looking, well, like the new season of True Blood. Which, for fans of vampires, southern belles and Joe Manganiello's chest, is obviously a good thing. it returns to HBO June 22.

If you fee like some new gothic supernatural action though, don't worry - Showtime have your back:

Penny Dreadful looks quite expensive and not actually dreadful at all.

Penny Dreadful, John 'Skyfall writer' Logan and Sam 'Skyfall director' Mendes' entirely un-Skyfall-related new series released a whole bunch of video this week, all of which make the new horror show look like it could be really quite special.

So, just to be clear: Eva Green and Timothy Dalton are going to be in a spooky -and nothing like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - looking show set in Victorian London, in which Josh Hartnett is in no way playing the Shane West part from that same movie.

West, with a man totally unlike Timothy Dalton.
West, with a man totally unlike Timothy Dalton.

The thing is - if any film could use an unofficial television remake by talented theatrefolk/filmmakers like Logan and Mendes, it's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The base concept - of Victorian heroes and monsters existing in the same world - is a great one, and from the looks of it, Penny Dreadful may have come closer to nailing it.

Plus, for all you Doctor Who fans - that is very much Billie Piper making out with Josh Hartnett's face. You'll be able to see more of that on Showtime, May 11.

Want something a little bit sillier though?

Dominion sees Giles from Buffy fighting...angels?

This one you just have to see.

Yes, it's Soldiers vs. Aliens, a title which the SyFy channel is more than welcome to use for the second season if they feel like Dominion needs a little more punch than it already has with its mash up of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kevin Smith's Dogma and Transformers.

That said, SyFy are great at making the seemingly silly into something pretty great. On paper, Defiance, Warehouse 13 and Eureka are all pretty ridiculous sounding shows - that are a lot of fun.

Now all they need to do is get a David Boreanaz cameo.

Y'know, because of Bones.
Y'know, because of Bones.

Who knows, maybe we'll even see one when the show debuts on SyFy, June 19.

We also saw a trailer for something altogether more piratical, though:

Crossbones stars John Malkovich as Blackbeard. Your TiVo will now activate automatically.

Crossbones is clearly hoping to tap into that winning Game of Thrones formula of horrendous violence + sex + at least one great British actor = TV Gold.

Crossbones certainly has all three:

Richard Coyle, the decidedly British hero - who seems to catch the brunt of all the sex and violence - has been a cult figure in the UK ever since his star turn in the sitcom Coupling. He's popped up in Covert Affairs and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time since then, but this looks a real opportunity for him to hold his own up against a real acting heavyweight in Malkovich.

Because, oh yes, John Malkovich plays Blackbeard. The crazy, murderous pirate.

Conventional wisdom suggests that nothing less than fun can come from that - and we'll find out if that's true on NBC come May 30.

Like your shipping drama to be a little more modern?

The Last Ship is Michael Bay's new post-apocalyptic naval drama. Yes, you read that right.

Again, this one you just kind of have to watch.

Michael Bay has looked at the movie Battleship, and seen that what it lacked was a post apocalyptic setting. And we now have that in TV series form.

It's really just a shame he couldn't get Taylor Kitsch and Rihanna to star in it.

Comment redacted by terrible admiral Liam Neeson.
Comment redacted by terrible admiral Liam Neeson.

Battleship was actually a lot more fun than it got credit for, so if the show were to take the elements of it that worked, and lose the whole alien board game angle, The Last Ship could actually be interesting. We'll find out June 22, on TNT.

Something already interesting, though, is back for a fourth season:

Falling Skies is back, as are just about all of the aliens ever.

Lovers of Noah Wyle (and who isn't) rejoice - Falling Skies is about to return.

And by return, I obviously mean return to continue alternately confusing, entertaining and upsetting us. Which the trailer does a good job of all by itself.

Just you wait for the classic Spielberg sting at the end.

The show returns on TNT, June 22, which means that if for some reason you're not already watching it, happened to watch that spoiler-ific trailer, and now want to catch up, you have plenty of time. And it's well worth taking that time.

Good news is, you're probably already caught up on our last entry.

Orange Is the New Black is no longer new, but back.

Just start booking off the week of June 6 now, before everyone else in your office does.

No, seriously. Go. That's definitely going to be a thing.

The big question though: which show are you guys most looking forward to? Let me know below!


Which show are you most looking forward to?


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