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We've all had that moment when we catch our foot and begin our slow decent. If you happen to be going backwards, there's always the briefest fleeting moment when you stall- hands flailing, spinning about- as you attempt, in vain, to keep your balance and, somewhat ironically, your dignity too. Sometimes it feels like that's been the last ten years of Ridley Scott's career. With each Alien prequel and Cormac McCarthy script that has come and gone we've slowly learned to thread lightly when a project bears his name.

So when news comes in that Scott has a HBO series in the works that focuses on Alien Pharaohs building pyramids, or whatever, we know to take it with a good old ladle of salt. As IO9 reports:

The show was created by David Shulner, a.k.a.the guy who made the modern Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde medical drama Do No Harm, which was canceled by NBC after only two episodes — always an auspicious sign. Scott will direct the pilot and executive produce the show.


You said it dude...
You said it dude...

Scott certainly seems in the mood for this classical period stuff with his Christian Bale starring Moses epic Exodus: God and Kings set to open later this year.

One more shot Ridley, don't let us down!

More on this one as we get it.

Exodus: God and Kings hits theatres December 12th

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