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Stefano Semeria

Critics have always been quite changeable toward sci-fi, sometimes they love it sometimes they hate it; but it is usually a question of timing. Sci-fi movies have always been made, but it's the taste of the public (and of the critics) that keeps on changing. We can notice how popular this genre was right after the Second World War (genetic mutations due to nuclear radiations), space invasions in the 50's and 60's and so on. Sci-fi explores the possibilities, but most of all it dispels fears more than any other genre. But even here it often happens that the main characters act in such an absurd way that we would shout "don't you ever watch TV?!".

So if you ever find yourselves in a sci-fi movie, here are 10 ways to survive!

1. If you see a meteor falling from the sky not far from you (it usually happens at night, in the woods), call the police, do not go and check what it is!

2. If any of your relatives or friends acts strangely after the meteor, kill him/her immediately!

3. If you're on patrol on an unknown planet and you find a spaceship wreck, don't go inside it! Get back to your base and destroy it!

4. Don't accept any kind of funny and unusual puppy that needs special care...

5. If you find a strange stone that looks like an egg, try and break it before putting it on your bedside table!

6. Never trust weird scientists.

7. If your spaceship is under attack stay close to the one guy who looks smart, handsome and sexy: he's going to survive for the sequel.

8. If you are a girl, try not to be the cutest and if you're a man try not to be the most intelligent: you're going to die right after the first half of the film.

9. If you find yourselves on an unexplored planet do not touch anything and do not bring anything home!

10. If the robot you're working with on your spaceship acts strangely, destroy it at once!


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