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With Green Arrow on TV and Flash about to join him, it will be good to have CW set up a Green Lantern TV series. But if it has got pros, it has got cons too.


1. Nothing after Star Trek has been an adventurous series with outer space as a backdrop. It can even be better than that. Great special effects and a much needed sci-fi programme.

2. People will come to know about the universe of green lanterns and the concept of emotional spectrum about which they didn't talk in the movie or the animated series. Great for teens who miss the animated series. Atleast, it gave the INCREDIBLES' feeling.

3. This can clear the mess created by the movie which just managed to recover its budget. This can be a new hope for the DC universe which has been losing to marvel. The New 52, Batman animated movies, Arrow and somehow Man of Steel have saved its grace but a unique TV series like this can create a new and larger fan base.

4. It will not only focus on the origin of Hal Jordan or Guy Gardener but also the destruction of Kilowog's planet, formation of Red Lantern Corps. and Sinestro Corps., alliance of Green and Blue lanterns and most importantly creation of Oa.

5. The principal cast should include Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris, John Stewart, Kilowog, Sinestro, Ganthet and other Guardians, manhunters, Atrocitus, Guy Gardener, Kyle Rayner, Star Sapphires, Alan Scott and Jade.


1. The main problem is the budget and it can be the most expensive TV series ever. If the special effects are bad due to low budget, the series won't last a season. It can become a joke for others. It might become the biggest gamble but if it is successful, it can surpass the best.

2. If CW creates this, they will not only change the origin story of many characters but will also make it more grounded like they did with Flash and Arrow to make it look more realistic and relatable. It may sound good but in this way, this series will lose its essence.

3. The third problem is time management because series like this take a lot of production time and they need special attention. So, it is impossible to telecast 23 episodes every year. But then, who needs 23 episodes a year when they can always be a set up like Sherlock where there are three 2 hour long episode every season. For Green Lantern, there can be 6 episodes in a season.

4. This series comes with a lot of risk. Maybe, its production may become easier and efficient after 9-10 years but it remains a dream project for now.

5. Flash has not even started airing so thinking about a new series is not possible for CW but it may daylight someday.


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