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I have this terrible feeling that Chris Pratt is going to become a new teen girl obsession very soon. He has abs, he's an intergalactic superhero, he's a badboy.

Chris Pratt recently spoke on just how awestruck he was working with Marvel Studios of such an amazing and ambitious film:

“I was shooting on a set that they built that probably cost more than my house, and I was the guy on it, walking around with cameras following me. I’m like an action figure for some of the scenes. I’m just like walking through the scene or running through the scene or fighting or jumping or beeping or shooting. It was unbelievable.”

These memories are most likely being recalled from Pratt's experience with the filming taking place within the intergalactic space prison of Klyn, which is the biggest Marvel Studios created set to date, and used tons of metalwork to build and solidify

Guardians if the Galaxy hits theaters on August 1st, 2014


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