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Wolverine is finally going to die? To be honest, many of us saw this coming when Marvel brought up the possibility of killing the popular character by removing his healing factor. Well, it's pretty much confirmed with the release of the upcoming "Death of Wolverine" comic series that will span four issues.

Now, you're probably thinking that this couldn't affect the movie version of Wolverine popularized by Hugh Jackman, but we have to remember that Marvel Studios is famous for being several steps ahead. If Hugh Jackman can't play Wolverine forever, how else could Marvel finalize his story onscreen when it hasn't been done properly in the comics?

Source: Entertainment Weekly
Source: Entertainment Weekly

It's definitely possible that Marvel is foreshadowing the death of Wolverine with a long-term plan. Even though 20th Century Fox currently owns the rights to Wolverine when it comes to his role in films, Marvel Studios is allegedly working hard to get their character back within the next decade, and it would make sense for them to want to provide a suitable finale for Wolverine that would please both moviegoers and comic fans.

Of course, the simplest way to interpret this is that Marvel just wants to drum up some comic sales with a dramatic story arc. Still, if we truly do see the character die for good in "Death of Wolverine", it's easy to believe that a movie death for Wolverine would take plenty of inspiration from it - and we did already see the effects, if only temporary, of what it would be like for Wolverine to lose his powers on screen in last year's [The Wolverine](movie:34674).

Wolverine has been a staple Marvel character since his first appearance in #180 of The Incredible Hulk. In the past 40 years, we've watched him win battle after battle thanks to his handy healing factor, but this summer's "3 Months To Die" arc promises to strip him of his powers and finish his story during a final four-issue series entitled "The Death of Wolverine." It truly is the end of an era.


Do you believe Wolverine is really going to be gone for good?

(Source: EW)


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