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As a Star Wars fan, I have seen pretty much everything that has anything to do with Star Wars. Movies, tv shows, holiday specials that have been wiped from history. But I've notice that during my time on the internet, a lot of people don't like the prequel trilogy. Why? I don't see what's so bad.

So I decided to give my ranking of the Star Wars films starting with my least favorite and working up to my favorite. Now this is just my opinion so don't go bat sh*t crazy if you don't agree with me. Just my opinion. However my opinion is the right one so...

6. Episode 1: Phantom Menace

This is at the bottom (or top?) not because it sucks, but because it just isn't as good as the others. It hops around too much and it has too many sub plots. Focus on ONE main character! Qui-gon or Obi-Wan. Make your choice. I don't care about Padme. This film does have redeeming qualities though. The introduction of Jedi order, the action and special effects, Darth Maul! It's a good film just not as good as the others. Besides, Jar Jar...ugh.

5. Episode 4: A New Hope

Now before you begin to crucify me, let me explain. This movie is what started it all. This is the movie that everyone went crazy over when it came out, but that was a long time ago. There were other movies made that were just better. This movie lacks a lot of the things that the other movies had. They hardly used the force, there was hardly any lightsaber usage and there are so many plot holes. Remember that scene with General Dodonna where he says, "may the Force be with you"? How does he know about the force? Clearly this isn't a universal thing as other characters didn't know about it. I won't ruin anything else but there are other things. This movie still is fantastic and I have watched it many, many, many times.

4. Episode 6: Return of the Jedi

This was a rough one. I couldn't tell if I wanted to put this at three or four but I made the choice on one factor. It was a waste of talent. Think about it. It was Episode 4 and 5 (or 1 and 2 for you haters out there) put together which sohuld make it a good thing. I mean it had Yoda, a Death Star, Vader vs Luke, and it had Boba Fett, but somehow they screwed it up. HOW?! To me, I think it was the ending. If they would've had Boba Fett survive the sarlacc scene and then come back in the end leading the storm troopers while adding more action to the Luke and Darth Vader fight, I think it would've been better. Have more explosions have Vader's death more dramatic, show Obi-Wan's ghost show up at that scene. Even with a name like Return of the Jedi. Add a random new Jedi that Luke discovered that can help him stop Vader. It was a wasted opportunity they had but still it tied up most loose ends and gave us the ending we deserve (so if you guys at disney screw this up we're coming for you!).

3. Episode 2: Attack of the Clones

The only thing that got this movie to third place was Kit Fisto. If he didn't exist this movie would be in fifth place.

Okay maybe there are other reasons, like that Helms Deep style battle on Geonosis. And Mace Windu, was a boss! Obi-Wan too. Ewan MacGregor was one of the highlights of the prequels for me. His performance was outstanding and if they would've focused more on him, the movie would've been better. Seriously though, this movie would've been total garbage without him. They would've focused on Anikin and Padme. That would've been bad, but instead of enduring their stupid relationship, we got to see Obi-Wan fight Boba Fett's dad. Also, the way they use the Clone Wars that Alec Guinness mentioned in 4 was incredible, this movie had slow scenes but whereas episode 6 wasted their opportunities, this one took full advantage of everything it had. And we all just love seeing that scene where Count Dooku slices Anikin's hand off. I love Count Dooku.

2. Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith

This movie. Where do I start? (How the beginning dumb*ss?) That opening scene. I first saw that and I lost my mind. Explosions! Lasers! Flying! I don't care if that's scientifically inaccurate, It's freaking awesome! And then as they worked their way to Palpatine's reveal. He was a fantastic villain, and they gave him the story he deserved. The manipulation the secrecy, I still don't know if he killed Darth Plagus! And every time Ewan MacGregor showed up I was excited. He was a boss! He defeated Grievous, survived order 66 (which is also a great bonus for this movie) and he went against his better judgement to defeat his closest friend. These characters were also awesome, Yoda, Chewbacca, Kit Fisto (my homies know he's not dead) and R2-D2. That little droid is one bad mofo. Everything with this movie was better than the others, from critical standpoint. From a fan standpoint, it can't touch Episode 5.

1. Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back

"No Luke, I am your father."

So what'd you think of the list? What's your list? Let me know below. Also, this is my first article, let me know what you thought of it.


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