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It has been reported that Broadway stage actor has been cast to play Victor Stone or more commonly known as Cyborg in the upcoming comic book movie "Batman Vs Superman".

Reports say that the role is not a significant one but one that paves the way for future big screen appearances.

Cyborg is one of the more lesser known Justice League members but he is an interesting one.

Victor Stone is a half man, half machine. His body was destroyed in a tragic accident but his life was saved through experimental technology. His body parts have been replaced with high tech weaponry, gadgets and a life support system. He was more famously a member of the Teen Titans but he has been a member of Justice League.

I heard this news earlier today and I just sighed because I remember how damn excited I was to see Batman Vs Superman on the screen together all those months ago, but now they have to share the screen time with Wonder Woman and Cyborg and god knows who else. DC are definitely just trying to catch up with MARVEL and build a shared universe but it feels like they're going about it the wrong way. I'm interested to see how this plays out.

I am not familiar with Ray Fisher's work but the fact that he is a Broadway stage actor gives me hope. I am very interested to see how he plays the role as this is a character that we have never seen on the big screen before.

I am happy that this is only a small role, maybe he'll only show up in a couple of scenes just to set him up for the future movies.

In the comics Victor is a football player so perhaps we might just be seeing Victor for now instead of Cyborg straight away because the one scene that has already been shot for the movie was a big football scene.

What do you guys think about Ray Fisher playing Cyborg in Batman Vs Superman?


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