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John Martineau

How often do you get closure to your favorite shows whether T.V. or web? Now you will get closure on Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors Web series!!!

What is Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors?

Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors was a popular web series starring Carmela Hayslett, Johnnie Howard, Christian Grillo, and Chuck Maher as purveyors of a broken-down, haunted carnival. Instead of doing their duties to keep the carnival active they hosted classic horror films until 2013 when they started hosting Independent Short Films to help filmmakers like them get extra promotion. Creator, Carmela Hayslett, decided to call it quits after three years so she can pursue her acting career. This film is making fun of the reality behind that decision.

The Plot

In reality, we know we'll never raise enough money to do the straight-up horror flick we wanted. So we're taking a fun, low-budget direction instead. "Roxsy & Me" is about actress Carmela Hayslett, the creator of Carnival of Horrors moving on in her acting career past her popular alter-ego, Roxsy Tyler. The problem is... she's the only one who moved on. Her co-hosts are mad at her for quitting the show and the crowd refuses to follow her acting career unless she dons the top hat. Not only that, but it appears Roxsy Tyler is a live and well as a separate entity and plans to repossess the body of the actress that created her!




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