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I'm personally a huge fan of the Arkham games, I've played each and, with the exception of Origins, enjoyed them thoroughly! I just have some doubts about the ambitious task that's being taken on with Arkham Knight.

First of all I'm aware that for Origins they decided to allow Splash Damage and WB to develop it, veering from the usual safe approach of Rocksteady, however I've been feeling for a while that the Arkham series is rolling to a stop and that maybe Knight is just a push too far?

Not to mention the very big plans Rocksteady have for it, boasting a map the size of GTA IV's, a way to roam as Bruce Wayne unmasked, and personally managing Wayne Enterprises! I know all this sounds good in theory, but in practice could it really be as amazing as predicted? Almost weekly there seems to be new details popping up on the internet, some of it fake but others genuine, but the main thing I'm worried about for the developers is the fact that it'll only be on next-gen! That's already a decreased audience right there. For now all I can say is that I hope Rocksteady will be making their own luck with Arkham Knight.

Either way, tune in, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!


Will Arkham Knight spell the death of the series?


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