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So, this is the 3rd movie in my "PG-13 Rangers Universe". If you haven't, but would like to, read the 2 movie plots before this one, here are the links: Green Ranger' and Quantum Ranger.

Just like the 2 previous articles, I'm gonna start with the cast. For the Phantom Ranger, could be anyone. Since we haven't ever seen the Phantom Rangers face, I can't say who could reprise their role. But, doing some digging, & I can at least cast the voice for the Phantom Ranger:

Alex Dodd

He did voice the unnamed Ranger back in the day, so why not? Now, this is usually where I say who the villain for the movie will be, but I am not done with the rest of the hero side of the cast. So, without anymore delays, the next hero:

Blue Senturion

If you readers remember, the last time we saw the Phantom Ranger & the Blue Senturion, they were together trying to find Zordon. And with how this plot is gonna go, the Blue Senturion will be a perfect fit. Continuing. Next,

The Silver Space Ranger, Zhane. I'm sorry, I couldn't find a good pic of the actor that played Zhane. Continuing. But first, I'll let you know that this is gonna be a filled cast. The next hero,

The Pink Galaxy Ranger. No, it will not be Kendrix, it will be Karone.

Why, cause of Karone's knowledge. And hoping that Melody Perkins returns, we can finally get the strong female lead for a movie. But, these Rangers are not alone. There is one more hero joining the group,

Ecliptor! Yes, Karone's "sort-of-but-not-really" adopted father. We have seen that Ecliptor would rather follow Karone than be the a$$hole. That's it. That is the hero side of the movie. Onto the villain for the movie...

But that isn't it! Do you remember during 'In Space' when Zhane went undercover as the Silver Psycho? Yeah, the baddie behind the whole universe so far, created this...

Sorry, that it's small. It was the biggest pic of Psycho Silver. But, back to the villains. I picked the Psycho Rangers because of the threat they bring. I feel that with the baddie for the upcoming team-up movie article (like my announcement for maybe my final article on this subject?) that the Psycho's would be perfect to introduce here. Now onto the actual plot.

So, the movie is gonna have the "starting-at-the-end-jumping-back-to-the-beginning" style of plot. So, we open to Alex Dodd (Phantom Ranger) narrating the opening scene; "You know some of my story. But, after Zordon's death, I've been trying to stop any evil I can with my team. But I am left to fight by myself. This is my end. Let me tell you my beginning." During this line, we get the Phantom Ranger being drug through a dark hall by someone unknown to us at the time.

After Alex finishes the line, we get the opening credits. The credits end, bringing us to the first part of the story. The Phantom Ranger is narrating, "Let's start where I was born. I was born on Eltar, Zordon's home planet. I was born to Zordon's brother & sister-in-law, Gotsei (Zordon's brother) & Dulcea (Sister-in-law, not to be confused with Dulcea from MMPR: The Movie). About 20 Earth years after my birth, I died. Lucky, Zordon was able to put my soul into this body. Then, years later I came to Earth with the knowledge of Zordon being alive. Years after my journey to Earth, the Blue Senturion & I went to Eltar to defend it from Dark Specter's forces. Once Zordon & Dark Specter fell, I started forming a secret group to stop evil before they could gain power. I recruited Blue Senturion, Andros (Red Space Ranger) & Zhane (Silver Space Ranger). Months into working, we were informed that the Psycho Rangers returned. I assigned Andros to go to Earth to help the Galaxy Rangers stop the Psychos while Zhane, Blue Senturion & I were on a different mission."

During this scene of the Phantom Ranger narrating, we'll get new footage for the stuff before 'Turbo' & re-edited footage from then on. Maybe some new footage for the group formation. Now back to the plot. "As Andros was leaving Earth, he contacted us. During his transmission, he cut off. We went off to find him... but no luck. After Trakeena was defeated, we were able to recruit Karone. With Karone's knowledge of the Alliance forged by Dark Specter, she became a really big asset for the team. The technology Blue & I brought to the table, we were able to bring in a spy for us; Ecliptor. We were hoping that Ecliptor can find Andros for us. It's been years since Andros disappearance. Now, we are at the current time."

This part of the narration is over. We see Blue (The Blue Senturion), Zhane, Karone, Ecliptor & Kass (The Phantom Ranger, real name Kasiel) on a rebuilt Astro Megaship. Ecliptor is being debriefed about what the team knows & what he knows. We hear that Ecliptor has yet to be introduced to Andros kidnappers, or to who is behind the forces coming back (i.e. Goldar, the Putties & Tenga Warriors because the events of 'Quantum Ranger' are happening at the same time). Kass' team is planning on raiding the palace Ecilptor has been involved in. We learn that the team is on Pheados using the planets resources to keep them running. Kass hoping that Dulcea was on the planet to help the team train because she trained Kass herself. Ecliptor tries to convince the team that he can handle searching the palace himself. With the trust & knowledge of Ecliptor's high access, Kass let's Ecliptor go in by himself. Karone looks at Ecliptor, "We will have communication open & the transporter ready if you need us." Ecliptor starts walking towards the transporter on the Megaship when stopped by Karone, "Be careful. Okay?" Ecliptor, "I will. You know me, Karone. I'm not gonna get caught." Ecliptor transports off the ship. Zhane turns to Kass, "I can't believe you trust him." Kass, "I trust him because he has earned my trust. What is your problem with Ecliptor?" Zhane replies, "For one, he has tried to kill all my friends on multiple occasions. And he tried to kill my best friends sister. He can't be trusted." Kass, "He has proven himself as a trusted ally. People can change. Karone tried killing you on multiple occasions as while. Do you not trust her?" Zhane, "She's different. She's And..." Kass rapidly responds, "How is Karone different? She was in Dark Specter's Alliance. She turned sides. Yet, you trust her, do you not?" Zhane walks off to turn around to find Karone behind him. "Zhane, I get Ecliptor & I haven't always been on the good side of life, but we've changed. I know the only reason you trust me is because I'm Andros' sister. Why can't you trust us?"

Zhane just walks off leaving Kass, Karone & Blue on deck. Blue starts looking over the blue prints of the palace Ecliptor is at. Karone & Blue start talking about how the palace has guards at every entrance making a break in from the outside will be nearly impossible. We see Kass making sets of equipment for their raid. Karone calls Kass over to the layout of the palace to talk about how they'll enter the palace. As soon as Kass turns around, DECA alarms the 3 that the transporter has just been used. Kass & the others run down to the transporter hoping that Ecliptor isn't there injured. As Kass arrives, we see Zhane holding Ecliptor, making sure he doesn't collapse. Karone shows up, & freaks out a little bit. Karone & Zhane carry Ecliptor to the medical bay. Ecliptor informs Kass & the group that Andros is in the prison chambers within the palace. Karone & Blue get Ecliptor stable. Kass walks into the medical bay. Karone is sitting by Ecliptor's comatose body. Kass sits down by Karone, "Karone, we will make sure Ecliptor is avenged for this attack but we need you. Karone, we need you to suit up." Karone stands up walks out of the room. Kass stays seated; "Ecliptor, we will get you better so you can fight with us." Kass gets up & walks towards the main deck. Kass, Blue, Zhane & Karone are getting ready to rescue Andros from the palace. Zhane & Karone morph. Both get new graphics for their morphs.

And if you haven't pieced together just yet, the Rangers within this universe get updated suits. Like how the Mighty Morphin Rangers had armored suits in the MMPR Movie. So, in conclusion, no spandex. Back to the plot. The 4 go to the transporter. And instead of transporting inside the palace they end up on the outside of the palace. The 4 split up. The team is being attacked by someone but can't figure out who. As the team splits, the Psycho Rangers splits into 3 pairings (Red & Pink for Karone, Blue & Black for Blue Senturion, Yellow & Silver for Zhane) leaving Kass running & transports back to the Astro Megaship hoping that everyone else did the same.

As he arrives on the ship, he notices he is alone. So, he transports the other back on the ship. Changing cameras down to the team. Just barely holding their own, they disappear right in front of the Psychos eyes. Camera changes back to the Megaship. Blue, Zhane & Karone end up back on the ship. As soon as the team returns, Karone collapses. Now that the team knows what they're up against, Kass suggest that he goes down by himself to break Andros out of prison. Of course, everyone says no. But, Kass being the type of guy that can convince anyone to anything, convinces the group that with his Phantom powers, he'll be harder to get captured. So, Kass goes to the palace. Invisible, Kass goes towards the palace when shot by Psycho Black. Psycho Black, with the other Psychos behind him, yells out "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING, PHANTOM!?"

Kass starts running through the empty village in front of the palace hoping to lose the Psychos. Kass calls the Megaship, "They're coming! I need some help down here!" Kass runs around a corner to find Psycho Red standing there. Kass turns around to find Psycho Yellow staring him down. Kass tries to fight them off but fails. We get a camera change to the "we-see-what-the-character-sees" style of look. Psycho Black is reaching out to Kass as his eyes close. Next thing we see is what we saw at the beginning of the movie, Kass is being drug by Psycho Black. Now, Kass is thrown into a dungeon of his own. Kass sits up, trying to make contact with the Megaship.

I know this might piss you off, but, the villain is not going to be destroyed. Kass realizes that his Phantom powers still works. So, he activates the power. A guard (let's make the guard be a Cog) looks into the dungeon to find it empty! So, he opens the door just to get his ass kicked by an invisible Kass. Kass starts running through the halls looking for Andros just to find Andros dead body hanging like a trophy in the main hall. Kass collapses to his knees in agony. Kass crying over the death of Andros, stands up in pure anger, & starts kicking the sh!t out of Cyclobots filling the room till the Megaship teleports him back on board. As soon as Kass realizes he is back on the ship, he falls to his knees again. Karone runs to Kass & lifts him up. Karone looks dead in Kass' eyes & ask what is wrong. Kass, tears in his eyes, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Karone, confused, "What? What are you sorry for?" Kass, "Andros is dead. I was too late. I'm so sorry!" Karone breaks down Zhane picks Karone up & hugs her tight. Kass picks himself up & speed walks to the main controls on the main deck. Blue follows Kass, "Kass, where are you going?" Kass, with anger in his voice, "WE are going to get help!... We're going to Earth."

END CREDITS! Here it comes... it's almost here... it's here! MID-CREDIT SCENE! "Back on Earth" The scene opens up to Tommy, Eric & Kira talking about who else can help them. Kira, "Everyone I know that can help, can't help." Tommy, "Hopefully, the Zeo Powers went to Jason." Eric, sporting a little smirk, "I think I know who can help out. Last time I heard he was running his dad's company." Camera jumps to a battle between a group of very aggressive robbers (sorry, can't think of something better) & a squad of Lightspeed Rescue agents & their leading man, the Titanium Ranger. We see a quick badass fight move & end the scene. more credits role. Post-credit scene; (Remember how Tommy said that he hopes the Zeo Powers went to Jason? Yeah that's coming into play!) The scene opens to a song by Eyeshine playing over a radio. A hand reaches down to turn the radio up. The camera follows the arm up to the owner of the mysterious hand. We see Adam Park, "Man, these guys rock!" Adam is rocking his head back in forth with the music. Adam starts singing along with the music. Camera jumps to outside the car. Adam is successfully holding a high note when Adam is struck by a golden light.

The movie ends with an unknowing of who's next to the movie-verse. Is it Ryan Mitchell, Titanium Ranger, the Ranger that never lost his powers? Or, Adam Park, the new Zeo Gold Ranger? The mystery continues. Who is the great evil behind everything; Andros death, Tommy's attack, Wes' attempted murder? And why & how are the Psycho Rangers back?


Do you think the dark & gritty PG-13 Rangers movie-verse is getting too dark & gritty?


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