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Amy Leathem

The scream trilogy was the beginning of what has became a long running horror addiction for myself and I challenge any true slasher fan or horror buff to say that it is anything other than a classic. Wes craven did something different something that grabbed and locked in young and new horror fans of the 90's with his reference to so many classics in scream 1 such as Halloween silence of the lambs...a horror within a horror a blatent reflection of the movie itself. The rules they brought to life and yet as an audience we wanted to 'scream' behind you. Scream worked because the plot the movie the acting was all portrayed in the tongue and cheek yet jump out of your skin manor that a successful slasher needs. I will always rate scream in my top ten and will also go out on a limb to say that the trilogy works. Scream 4 onwards however is not part of the original magic that for me gave me everything I needed to know where my movie genre loyalties lie. It is a guilty pleasure but not only that is a fantastic slasher from Wes. I think a part of all of us want ghostface to phone and ask us 'what's your favourite scary movie' I know what mine would be!

Comment and tell me if scream was the same for you or if you thought it was an over franchised flop


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