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Amy Leathem

Bates motel had so much promise; the glamour of 'psycho', the legacy of Hitchcock... but so far the dynamic duo Norma Bates and her 'psycho' in the making son Norman has left me underwhelmed. I would class this as easy watching and not hanging off the edge of your seat. Give me more type of excitement which I had expected and eagerly awaited.

The story we all know of Norman Bates the obsessive son with overbearing mother from the original Psycho is portrayed in a modern day twist. I can't see why they felt the need to change the decade in which ole Norman grew up perhaps to grab a wider audience ...I can't say but for me it doesn't work it feels to detached to Hitchcock's masterpiece.

Aside from the inconsistency in the time period the relationship between mother and son shows promise of how we imagine Norma Bates to control her son but it is done in a subtle manor I wanted fireworks in your face control even abuse and for Norman to be under her control and dote upon her again perhaps this would lock out a certain audience but the relationship for me lacks any depth it is poorly portrayed.

Next we have the budding young psychopath Norman Bates ....we know early on that he has killed however where is the killer in him over half way through the series and we are yet to see any real depth to his character I wanted deception and Gore I wanted to see how twisted Norman Bates could be I wanted to see the needs of a psycho coming through in a teenage boy yet all I see is a boy who gets angry blacks out and lacks the substance of a really great killer. The scripting of this series is all too on the wall ....take a risk ....we need it.

The sub stories ok I understand that to play out an hours episode we need sub stories but yet again Bates motel has let me down not one of the sub-stories can keep me interested and when you have two main characters who are meant to be on another level of twisted and evil and have that killer in them ...why have other characters contend for power and intimidation ...i see no need for the majority of sub stories in this series it is space filling.

All in all Bates motel for me has been a disappointing flop it had the potential to be fantastic has the writers taken a risk and went for a good old fashioned mother of killer dynamic and gave us something to get our teeth into.


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