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Do you know these 10 things about our Man of Steel? Our boy scout? Our red and blue savior? Well keep reading and you may learn something, or just have a nice refresher.

10: Superman and Clark Kent have different Birthdays!

There are many different stories concerning Superman's birthday. Some have said that it is February 29th, one of the days he landed on Earth. In one of the comics, Geoff Johns said his birthday was December 1st. The CW T.V. series "Smallville" had his birthday in early May. But when the Silver Age of comics began in the late 1950's and DC did its first superhero relaunch, a different account was provided that many fans have enjoyed and accepted. According to Action Comics #241 in 1958, the Last Son of Krypton actually recognized two birthdays: as Superman, he celebrated the day he landed on Earth (June 10th); as Clark, he celebrated the day he was adopted by the Kent family (later said to be June 18th). These are fitting birth dates since the Man of Steel's very first comic was published in June of 1938 and because June 18 was also the birthday of Bud Collyer, the very first actor to portray Superman, bringing him to life in cartoon and radio.

9: He wasn't born super.


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