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Already, I know I'm not the only one who is a little annoyed with more cast members being added to Batman vs Superman. I'm one of those people who still try to hold hope for the movie. They just want to cram pack people in the movie to have a Justice League as soon as possible. You know what I say to that "take your time, PLEASE!!" This is Batman vs Superman going head to head on the silver screen for the first time in history and another history making thing is Wonder Woman making her big screen appearance for the first time.
There are some points I have to make in this article.

DC has the advantage with these 2 characters.

Batman and Superman are 2 of the greatest superheroes of all time. They started something, so with that being said... DC has the advantage with this movie. These characters are monumental, there doesn't have to be that many people in the movie to make it big because it already is.

I am probably one of the few people who wanted to see a Batman reboot and probably a second Man of Steel movie before seeing a World's Finest movie. I understand this is a Man of Steel sequel, but I wanted a World's Finest movie that you felt these characters are already well established in the own worlds(Metropolis and Gotham.) It brings more excitement. Oh, by the way.... Superman and Batman are probably only characters that can have a dynamic duo and it would probably be more excitement than a team of 5 and beyond. Batman and Superman should only be the main focus, not Justice League.

Cameos only...

I know they want to competition with Marvel, and get more characters in this one movie, but honestly... YOU SHOULD HAVE PLANNED TO MAKE MORE MOVIES. You just can't jump to Batman vs Superman without a script or plan! After Man of Steel, you guys should have figured that more movies should be made with a solid plan. Well, what's done is done I guess.

Just have very minor roles for the later major characters. You guys are announcing too many cast members for this Batman vs Superman movie. Don't announce every role when you get the chance, treat it like the new batsuit, keep it under wraps.

PLEASE... Cameos only! We don't need to have every Justice Leaguer to make a physical appearance and if some are like Wonder Woman, make it quick or make references to them! This is 2 superheroes that don't need anyone else to make them look good.


You know what's bad thing about this project? They didn't have script ready when they announced it, they didn't plan movies in between and... IT'S A MAN OF STEEL SEQUEL FEATURING BATMAN INSTEAD OF THE ACTUALLY WORLD'S FINEST! Batman needed a rebooted not only because we need a proper way of making this movie, but also to properly introduce this Batman. We never get to see a Batman movie with the full package, it's just never Batman and the environment in the movie doesn't really have the Gotham feel. We need a Batman that can be Bruce Wayne because there's a duality to the role, Batman and Bruce Wayne are 2 sides of the same coin. Batman also has to be a menacing person, one of his tactics is FEAR!

Batman definitely needs to be a the whole package... everything that he is! I want to see him fight someone in the beginning and give us the Batman type of fighting. I don't really want Superman and Batman to consider each other friends, but have a near mutual trust for one another... for now (though I think Superman can be more friendly towards him.) Wonder Woman can only be seen nearing the end, there's no need to emphasize her character in the movie.

This is a Man of Steel Sequel!

Yes it is and we have to try not to make it a Justice League movie. Unfortunately, it's just featuring Batman, but it can work! Batman has to be seen as the person who's telling the story in the beginning, after him seeing Metropolis and knowing the events of the invasion. Superman can be a boy scout at this point and is now making less mistakes. After thousands died and killing Zod hangs over his head, he wants to be a perfect hero and make less mistakes, so he can be seen as hero, not an alien.

This should be a movie were you see a Dark, intimidating vigilante and a Bright, boy scout have a conflict, a truce, team up, and an eventual friendship. That's what needs to happen in the course of the overall DC cinematic universe and it starts in this movie.

My advice: Warner Bros should read the World's Finest comics and watch the DCAU that Bruce Timm co-created, so they can take it as a reference. Plan for different movies and multi-task, take a risk. I just don't want Warner Bros to mess up this history in the making movie. I'm still at odds with certain decision they're making, but hopeful it's an amazing movie.

What do you think?

If you agree please share this, it would be appreciated. Thank you!


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