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To continue with what The Daily Fandom said I'd like to throw in my input as to why the CW should renew The Tomorrow People.

As a long time fan of several CW TV shows I'd like to say I usually know what I'm getting into with my shows. I think The Tomorrow People should be renewed not just because of the beautiful cast at hand but the more important part, the writing. I watch far too much TV for one person alone to watch and read just as much so I can usually predict what's going to happen, but that isn't the case with The Tomorrow People! I am left every week at the edge of my seat wanting the next episode as soon as possible! I spend my subway rides wishing I could just teleport around Manhattan. Man, it would make life so much easier to be an Breakout instead of just a fan!

The cast is a unique array of actors and actresses as well as a CW favorite, Mark Pellegrino whose character gets more intriguing with each plot revelation as Jedekiah Price! Robbie Amell is a great actor just like his cousin Stephen Amell for Arrow! Robbie being the lead Stephen Jamenson and Stephen being Oliver Queen. I honestly really miss my Amell Wednesday's! While I like The 100 Wednesday's just aren't the same without The Tomorrow People on right after! Peyton List is great as Cara Corburn and Luke Mitchell is a constant scene steelier! I also can't forget to mention the hysterical Aaron Yoo as the priceless Russell Kwon!

This is a show that is just starting to really get it's feet on the ground. It has so much potential to be a truly phenomenal show that could really separate the CW from the stereotypical genres it currently has. The Tomorrow People deserves another season to answer the questions they haven't had the chance to answer just yet. The show has three episodes left! Three action packed episodes that will be sure to be worth talking about all summer long! I have this gut feeling, if it's renewed it will be like Arrow and have a breath taking, heart wrenching and over all massively superb second season that will make everyone be proud to be fans of the show.

Now only if the CW picked the show up sooner rather than later.

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