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I do not claim to be the worlds biggest fan of Jaws nor do I think I know everything about the movie. There is one thing I know that the movie is in my Top 3, I say Top 3 because it changes positions on what mood that I am in. This movie has been in my life for two thirds it.

I need a bigger mouth!
I need a bigger mouth!

I can remember when I first watched the movie. It's was a Saturday evening at my Grandparents house and it was on HTV (ITV/ Channel 3 in the UK for the people who don't live there or are not old enough to remember.). I was probably 8 or 9 years old at the time and definitely not old to watch it but only rated PG. I watched it with my Grandparents and my older sister and the trusty sofa cushion.

The music was the sharks personal theme song and you knew when this started playing he had or was going to do something. It was just tension building just like the music in psycho and when that came on my leg came on the sofa with me thinking that the carpet had just became the open ocean. The adrenaline rush every time the shark came was intense every time.

Typical fanboy lynch mob
Typical fanboy lynch mob

That's my personal memory which comes to me each time I watch Jaws and in fact watching it right now! I know you're thinking "Why would someone who has watched Jaws so many times dare to think about another sequel and dare to say a dreaded reboot?" Let me explain myself, a reboot it the last thing I want but I want them to do something with the franchise desperately. I don't want someone to go and ruin Spielberg's classic work with those brilliant actors classic lines.

All I want is Spielberg to do a movie set in the Jaws Universe and it doesn't have to be set it the same town. There are plenty of actors that could pull it off and the special effects could be amazing with the animatronic technology these days and CGI if they don't go over the top with it. For example, check out the Australian 2010 movie The Reef. I wish Roy Schneider and was alive to star in a movie set in the Jaws universe in news reels set between Jaws 2 and 3. Richard Dreyfuss could star as the retired Shark Expert Matt Hooper drawn into another killer frenzy by a shark with ties to the original shark.

Like any movie it could be great like Jaws or it could suck, may I remind you of Jaws: The Revenge. But if he doesn't try we will never know and I'm want him to take the chance.


What Jaws movie would you love to see?

I know my answer. What about yours? Who would you have star and any ideas Spielberg could use?

I want an intelligent debate and no abusive comments to me or others who post please! If you can't do this then don't post otherwise you will be reported. I have zero tolerance for bullies.


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