ByIzzy Anderson, writer at
Izzy Anderson

Good news for fans of binge-watching and wildly dark and uncomfortable humor! Comedy Central, in preparation for next week's season finale, has made the first season of it's series Review available (for free!) on youtube for your viewing pleasure.

The series follows Forrest MacNeil, played by Andy Daly, as he attempts to review "life" based on viewer suggestions such as stealing (★★), racism (½), eating 30 pancakes (★★★★★), or being batman (★★★★). He performs these tasks with a disquieting enthusiasm which, while often painful to witness, is nothing short of admirable.

The show is definitely worth your time, particularly if you are the sick kind of person (like me) who draws enjoyment from watching gut-twistingly awkward, often tragic situations. I recommend watching the series in order (starting with Stealing, Addiction, Prom) as to fully appreciate the slow disintegration of MacNeil's life as a result of his "mission".

Check it out here. Just do it, you won't regret it (at least not as much as you would regret eating 15 pancakes).


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