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I'm very enthusiastic about movies, I love making short films and I hope one day I can make a theatrical release!
Kyle Watkins

We are getting an extension on the 8 Harry Potter films, spin-offs is a good word for it. But i'm not here to talk about that, i'm here to talk about something I saw while watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, a certain thing that bugged me because in the books it says the Wizarding world cant figure out many things about the Muggle world because it confuses them.


Isn't that Muggle technology? Doesn't that require electricity, batteries, muggle things? Or is run on magic? But in the books, Arthur Weasley said many times that figuring it out is really difficult and if not for Harry and Hermione, it would have been even harder. They don't even know whats Dentists are, they don't Muggle things. So how do they know how to work(even the cheapest cameras) in many movies?

I'm also always confused about how the pictures movie if they have cameras like this. Does someone wave their wand and make the picture move? I'm always confused!

I may be thinking to much into this, or just over exaggerating but it is something bugging me. So what do you think? Comment below.


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