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William Love

Hours (12)


Paul Walker maybe gone but that dont mean he didnt leave us with a few feature films with Fast 7 yet to come and one more feature out later this year. But now we will start with this thriller Hours. The film is set in 2005, during the ravages of Hurricane Katrina. Nolan Hayes (Paul Walker) is the father of a newborn baby, and what should be one of the happiest days of Nolan's life quickly spirals out of control during the wake of a hurricane that floods the hospital and causes failures in the power supply. Nolan faces a life-or-death situation when no one returns to help and struggles on his own to keep his infant daughter alive inside a neonatal incubator, as minutes pass, the incubator runs out of power, and the minutes become long hours. To be honest as a father myself i was afraid for Paul Walker's character as he tries to keep his baby alive as well trying to fight his own sorrow for losing his wife during child birth and it doesnt help that in the film world he doesnt sleep for a full 3 days really suspenseful stuff. This is truely one of Paul's best films and i loved every minute of it.

Hours is out on DVD and Blu Ray now


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